5 ingredients that make up e-cigarettes

Many cigarette smokers promise to themselves every year that they will quit smoking. But most of them fail. Some people have moved to e-cigarettes. But many people don’t know what’s the e-cigarette devices and juices. These are unregulated in the US.  So, it’s important to know what’s inside the e-cigarette that you are inhaling.  Here are the ingredients that make up e-cigarettes.


It is a reservoir for liquid and a heating element. A wicking material, like cotton, pulls the liquid toward a metal coil. Here, the heat turns it into droplets that cannot be inhaled.

Vegetable Glycerin

It acts as a preservative or a texture enhancer and increases the thickness of the vape. You will often find this in food as a low-glycemic sweetener.

Propylene Glycol

It is a tasteless, colorless and odorless alcohol that is used in antifreeze solutions to decrease the freezing temperature of water. It is considered to be safe for tropical use. It is used in many fog-machine juices as well. This can act as allergens and cause eye or airway irritation. It also results in dizziness, drowsiness, and headaches.


The E-cigarette juice contains nicotine. It is safe to inhale, but you should keep it away from children. But if nicotine comes in contact with the skin in the liquid form, tiny amounts of nicotine can induce vomiting, seizures or even death. So, when you refill your vape tank, you must wear gloves.


There are lots of flavorings that are added to e-cigarettes, and they have very interesting names. These include Unicorn Milk, Krispy Krack Doughnut, etc. The flavorings are a ‘trade secret,’ so no one knows what is added to make the flavoring.

In Spain and Wales e-cigarettes fall under the public smoking restrictions. France may have this restriction soon. It may be safer than cigarettes but doesn’t eliminate the possibility of causing health issues.

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